Laundry Tips

Following are a few helpful laundry tips intended to increase the durability and attractiveness of your purchases from Rush Uniform:

  • ALWAYS turn all uniforms inside out before washing. This adds to the life of the garment by limiting the amount of fading or pilling that may take place on items that go through repeated washings.
  • ALWAYS sort laundry by darks and lights.
  • ALWAYS wash sweat clothes separately and in cold water.
  • ALWAYS pretreat stains.
  • ALWAYS add detergent as washer is filling and then agitate it to dissolve it before adding laundry to the washing machine.
  • NEVER use chlorine bleach on school uniforms! It will eventually turn all cotton-blended fabrics yellow. Additionally, it will ruin all embroidered logos. Bleach alternatives do a great job. Specifically, Oxi-Clean is super on all fabrics and will not damage your logos.
  • NEVER use hot water on your school uniforms. Use warm water on lights and cold water on darks.
  • NEVER put wet clothes in the dryer without first checking that all stains have been removed. Sometimes items may need a second treatment, but once the stain has been “set” in the dryer, the chances of eliminating a stain are slim.

School Uniform Stain Strategies:

  • Ink – Try spraying with hair spray or rubbing alcohol before immediately adding the item to the washer. Oxi-Clean also works well.
  • Crayon – After a crayon has gone through the wash, try rubbing the stains with a waterless hand cleaner. Then soak overnight in either a bleach alternative such as BIZ or Oxi-Clean. Finish running the load in the morning.
  • Grass Stains – Pre-treat stains and add Oxi-Clean with regular detergent.
  • Gum – Blot gum with an ice cube or place the clothing item in the freezer. Once the gum hardens, it can often be removed easily with gentle scraping.